The modern window systems ensure maximum isolation. For this reason, it is extremely important that there is sufficient air circulation in buildings so that no energy is lost in order to ensure a healthy climate and pleasant user comfort.

Humidity sensitive air inlet EXR

Healthy climate

Various options: available in many versions of air circulation, sound absorption and 4 standard colors

Acoustic comforty: available with acoustic foam insert that effectively suppresses the noise of up to 42 dB (with adapter plate and weather protection hood)

Full control: The options of maximum opening and manual closing allow full control during use. It is recommended to use the maximum locking option only in adverse climatic conditions

Air inlet Regel-air FFL

Fresh air

The automatic and self-regulating ventilation system prevents mold growth and ensures a fresh and healthy indoor climate

Automatically controlled fan flaps prevent drafts when the wind pressure increases

Improved acoustic comfort in the building

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