Roller shutters

Roller shutters are one of the most functional elements of window construction. They not only serve to protect privacy, they also significantly improve the security against burglary in the building and help to save heating costs in winter, while they reduce room heating in summer.
In order to meet the wishes and requirements of our customers, we offer a variety of roller shutters solutions that are tailored to their individual needs and focus on thermal insulation, insect protection and color design. The following operating options are available:
– manual operation – using a belt winder or a crank
– electrical control – by means of a wall switch or remote control, also e.g. by using an appropriate app in your smartphone.

Top Mounted Shutters

Top-mounted roller shutters are only used for new buildings or when replacing windows in existing buildings. The roller shutter box is placed on the window or door frame. Guide rails are screwed onto the outside of the window frame, and only later is the entire set installed in the window recess. This makes the roller shutter box invisible and the shutter appears to be part of a window.

Front Mounted Shutters

Front mounted roller shutter may be installed at any moment, as it is installed on the façade. A large selection of boxes, profiles and their colors meet all our customers' expectations in terms of design and functionality.