Air Inlets


Stylish design, with maximum functions

The stylish design of the EHA² inlet enables perfect integration on most windows or rolling shutter casings. The inclusion of high efficiency acoustic foam provides an acoustic attenuation up to 42 dB (depending on its accessories). An optional device also enables manual opening or closing of the air inlet, enhancing the humidity sensitive function available on the EHA². Several versions of airflow and colours are available.



Efficient protection against external noise

lled with its acoustic accessories (base and canopy), the EHA² air inlet offers outstanding acoustic attenuation (up to Dn,e,w ( Ctr ) = 42 dB at maximum opening), which makes it one of the best products available on the market with an equivalent area this size (3912 mm²).



Manual opening and closing device

This device enables the occupant to choose between 3 working modes: minimum, automatic (humidity sensitive) or maximum airflow.

This device is only available on versions ‘5-35’ (humidity sensitive) and ‘35’ (without humidity control).


Oblique air jet for occupant comfort

The oblique air jet of the EHA² skims the ceiling ensuring progressive heating of fresh air for the comfort of the occupants.


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