Ladies and Gentlemen,

we kindly inform you that, company Dekorplast has changed its current address to the new one:

ul. Bohaterów II Armii Wojska Polskiego 14J/2
59-900 Zgorzelec
Tel.: 756489684

About us

The roots of Dekorplast go back to 1972, when a locksmith manufacture was founded, in which fences, gates, stairs as well as windows and doors were manufactured. Years of reliability and the highest quality standards in production and installations have led our company to enjoy a very good reputation and recognition from customers and suppliers as a trustworthy business partner.

With the progress in the development of manufacturing technologies for windows and doors made of PVC in the 90s, the locksmith manufacture was replaced by the company Dekorplast, which continued family tradition in competence and experience in the sale, manufacture and installation of windows and doors.

Extraordinary customer service, installation standards as well as high quality of the offered product solutions have had top priority right from the start. For this reason, we have only been working for years with partners who guarantee the highest standards of our customers’ satisfaction.

modern window profile systems
fittings of the highest quality
reliable machinery park
wide range of insulating glass

Our windows and doors are the result of many years of experience and the daily commitment of all of our employees. Because of the properties of our products such as thermal insulation, acoustics, perfect workmanship and assembly, they are recognized and valued as the best on the market both in Poland and abroad.